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Who Should We Promote?

As selection professionals, we bring a succession planning process that can provide substantial justification for the Board or Management's promotional decisions. Our clients tell us they value this independent, professional approach to promoting the best person into a leadership position.

Who Should We Promote?

A common question many organizations are asking today. Experience has shown us how a competency based selection process can benefit Management in their succession planning. Our unique process can provide substantial justification for Management's promotional decisions. Do not wait until unexpected turnover, retirement or sudden tragedy strikes to select your next generation of leaders.

Why the Hamilton Group?

  • Extensive experience recruiting and selecting executives
  • Expertise: Skilled at working with senior management and boards of directors
  • Proven selection methodology: Competency based leadership assessment process that moves promotion decisions away from classic intuition led decisions
  • Advanced selection tools: Executive leadership assessment with aptitude assessment test, salary surveys and background analysis
  • Outside objectivity: Replaces much of the subjectivity of traditional promotions and is fair to all candidates
  • Our consistent and objective process allows management to enhance the probability of promoting a top performer into the job

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About Us

Founded by Thomas Hamilton in 1999, The Hamilton Group is a leading HR consulting firm providing staffing expertise and employee selection technology for employers nationwide. Areas of expertise include executive search, succession planning for executives and boards of directors, pre-employment testing and nationwide background checks. Our mission is to help organizations connect their HR decisions to business results...and so far it seems to be working. The Hamilton Group notes hundreds of clients nationwide from start up to multi location fortune 500 businesses. 

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