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Breach Mitigation

Breach Mitigation Immediate Response Team

Our turnkey breach mitigation services are for organizations that have been hacked or lost customer/employee data. If you believe you may have had employee or customer data exposed, contact us immediately because time is of the essence. Under state breach notification laws, generally the party that held the data when the breach occurred is responsible for issuing the notice. The longer you wait, the more costly it can become.  

Turnkey Breach Mitigation Services:

We combine expertise and advanced technology to provide a trusted experience for the affected individuals, help you retain customers after a breach and reduce overall costs of the response. Services can include:

  • Notification letters printed and mailed to those impacted
  • Dedicated website with FAQ's
  • Toll free number for support
  • Identity protection services that can begin automatically
  • Immediate credit/unique identifier monitoring + fraud restoration services for anyone affected by identity theft

Once an identity is stolen, it can not be canceled and reissued like a credit card. Individuals must remain vigilant to protect themselves.

Why the Hamilton Group?

Protecting finances, credit, online activity and good name begins with the Hamilton Group. You can trust the Hamilton Group to provide industry-leading consumer protection products, a dedicated call center and fraud resolution agents for individuals impacted by a data breach/ID theft. All done quickly, securely and affordably.

For more information about our breach mitigation services, contact us today.

*The Hamilton Group never sells data…we only protect it! 


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